Friday, 14 February 2014

'Forget Yourself And Go To Work'

As things become harder and more stressful day by day, I was lucky to have met with a beautiful future sister missionary last night for a well needed chat. As I complained and worried about the things I am leaving behind and what I am terrified to come back too, I was grateful for this friend to say these words to me at this very moment.

                                                     "Forget Yourself And Go To Work"
Words that were sent to one of our great Prophets Gordon.B.Hickley during the time of serving his own mission.
But how True is it, if I wanted to just get away from things going on around me wouldn't it just be easier to spend all the money I have spent on my mission by just going travelling. Instead it is truly time to let go and focus on what I am about to embark in. The next 18 months is about nothing but the work. I don't mean that is a selfish way one little bit, but 'friends' should of had your time with you by now. NOW I must get into the mission mode, for future me for the woman I want to be when I return. This is a quote that I will make sure is wrote on my mirrors in my apartments.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Called to serve

γειά σου! 

So, I had the idea to make a blog because since preparing for my own mission I have found it useful in reading other sister missionaries stories online and learning about their thoughts, feelings, mixed emotions they had and how they dealt with it. But as I stare at a blank screen the realisation that I have lost my writing skills long ago, hit me. So please be patience with my poor grammar or sentences that don't quite make sense. A member of my family will be be updating this regularly with what I write to them in a weekly email. (I hope) so if you are interested you can keep updated on how my mission is going and what are some of the experiences I am having. Hopefully I will get better at writing these.
 Where do I begin introducing the next 18 months of my life and the beautiful country Greece in which I have been blessed to be called to serve in.

Well it all started with…
"Dear Sister Deeley,
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
You are assigned to labour in the Greece Athens mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18 months,
You should report to the Provo missionary training on Tuesday 18th February 2014, you will prepare to preach the gospel in the Greek language"

I was speechless to say the least when I received my call, I can not for the life of me explain to anyone who hasn't received a call what it is like to hold a letter in your hand that contains where you will serve The Lord for the next 18 months. Scary yet exciting.
However,  it has always been in the back of my mind to serve a mission, without a doubt!
But 21 is such an awkward age for young women to go and that's when I thought it wouldn't be happening for me but when the age change came, it was an answer to all my prayers! Though it seems thousands of young women had the same idea I still wanted to be the first to hand in my papers. I was only just 18 when it happened, and I've been ready ever since. But now the time is here and I am now 3 days away for leaving for my mission. THREE DAYS!
This can't be happening.
I just want whoever is preparing for a mission to know the best yet most simplest advice I received was this "Stay away from temptation and anything that weakens your desire to serve The Lord and WHATEVER HAPPENS, WHATEVER THOUGHTS YOU MAY HAVE, JUST GO!"
This has stuck in my mind these last few days as Satan closes in. Knowing pain and trials helps me to know the church is true for without the pain and suffering we can not feel joy and eternal life.