Friday, 14 February 2014

'Forget Yourself And Go To Work'

As things become harder and more stressful day by day, I was lucky to have met with a beautiful future sister missionary last night for a well needed chat. As I complained and worried about the things I am leaving behind and what I am terrified to come back too, I was grateful for this friend to say these words to me at this very moment.

                                                     "Forget Yourself And Go To Work"
Words that were sent to one of our great Prophets Gordon.B.Hickley during the time of serving his own mission.
But how True is it, if I wanted to just get away from things going on around me wouldn't it just be easier to spend all the money I have spent on my mission by just going travelling. Instead it is truly time to let go and focus on what I am about to embark in. The next 18 months is about nothing but the work. I don't mean that is a selfish way one little bit, but 'friends' should of had your time with you by now. NOW I must get into the mission mode, for future me for the woman I want to be when I return. This is a quote that I will make sure is wrote on my mirrors in my apartments.

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